Starting out as a graphic designer, my background on the creative studio ‘shop floor’ enabled me to fully appreciate the need for flexibility when it came to studio processes, and drove me to try to ‘fix’ each studio I entered throughout my career.

No two studios are alike, and neither should their processes be. Each studiofix results in: Individuals benefiting from less interruptions and increased focus on their core roles, teams benefiting from higher levels of productivity, and the business benefiting from increased profitability.

Alongside my drive for studio efficiency, a passion grew for fuelling teams with a sugarfix to increase their productivity. Over the years, this has led to a number of commissions, ranging from corporate cookie handouts and client branded tea loafs, to birthday cakes and, finally, the ultimate challenge of wedding cakes.

Most of my ‘spare’ time is devoted to my daughter. On the rare occasions I am afforded a little ‘me’ time, as well as baking my sugarfixes, I enjoy spending my time dabbling in photography (photofix) and sewing (stitchfix). I love to keep busy, and rarely enjoy sitting still, not that that is an option!

Should you wish to get in touch and discuss any creativefix please contact me.

Thanks, Lynsey.